UH-60M New Equipment Training Team Completes Fort Hood Mission

February 10, 2017


On February 10th, 2017, SES completed training of pilots, instructor pilots, maintenance test pilots, non-rated crewmembers and maintainers in support of the UHPO UH/HH-60M Fielding.

Completion of training for 1st AIR CAV Combat Aviation Brigade represents the 15th Brigade level organization trained by SES crews consisting of both US and allied personnel. SES personnel conducted aircraft acceptance/induction, conducted MWO installation and upgrades; scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for up to 20 UH-60M aircraft and completed academic, simulation and hands-on flight training for aviators. This training is ATARRS recognized and results in an ASI.

Conducted completely at home station, 1st CAV Soldiers were able to receive training across the Brigade without leaving Fort Hood and their families. Units trained included: 2/227th, 3/227th, individuals from 4th CAB, 82nd CAB, DES and NGB from several states. The NETT trained 133 pilots, 24 maintenance test pilots and 35 crew chiefs and medics. SES has performed this training since 2010 with almost 30,000 hours flown and over 2,300 students trained. Even more remarkable is the safety record achieved to date with an operational readiness rate of over 92%. Comments from our customers are our calling card:

  • “The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful in ensuring all students are successful in the course. Impressive efforts by the maintenance teams. Zero impacts to training due to maintenance, can I have some of these folks for my next job?” LTC Kyle Hogan, 1 AD Aviation Support Battalion, Ft. Bliss, TX.
  • “Truly superior instruction. All instructors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Maintenance support truly outstanding! Professional with great attitudes.” LTC Nate Surrey, 3/227th Assault Battalion, 1st Air Cav Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Ft. Hood, TX.
  • “These were the best classes I have had in the military”. COL Jack D. Perrin, USMC, DCMA Commander, Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, Connecticut.
  • “Impressed with all of the instructors, extremely professional and skilled teachers. The NETT really has an “A” team all around! Maintenance support was excellent. No delays due to maintenance for the duration of my time in the courses.” CW5 McIntyre, 3rd CAB BAMO, Hunter AAF, Fort Stewart, GA.
  • “I learned from each instructor and felt a true learning environment and culture from their instruction. Excellent experience!” LTC Lance, JFHQ-1A, Iowa NG.

The SES NETT now deploys to Fort Carson to train Soldiers of the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade.